Strategic Information and Evaluation (SIE)

Thousands of data points, collected weekly and monthly tell us WHAT is happening.

Working within and improving existing health information systems

Our data collection systems are standardized and deeply embedded within the national M&E framework. A dedicated OPHID SIE team collects routine health care statistics from source registers at site level which are entered, tracked and analysed in an OPHID database. Data dashboards allow us to portray program progress against targets.

We prioritize

  • Data quality

Data triangulation, data quality assessment and data audits are only some of the tools used to ensure the highest data quality.

  • Bi-directional feedback

Data trends are shared and discussed with

  • national level to inform strategic direction and M&E frameworks,
  • provincial and district levels to direct their respective planning,
  • and site levels to identify program gaps and challenges.

Strategic information at all health system levels

We monitor program performance at site, district and provincial level through key indicators referring to HIV testing, HIV Care and Treatment, HIV/TB integration and PMTCT. Data are disaggregated by gender and age group to monitor risk groups and data points on human resources and expenditures complement the picture aiming for strategic investments.