Client ART Preparedness Mobile Application (CAP-APP)

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About the APP

The HIV Client Treatment Preparedness App provides information that helps prepare newly diagnosed clients for the journey on lifelong ART.

The goal of the HIV Client Treatment Preparedness APP is to help you to plan to achieve five HIV care and treatment goals in the first six months after being diagnosed with HIV. How well you are able to take your HIV treatment and attend care in these first 6 months after diagnosis can predict your future health and success on ART.

Why should you download?

As you have just learnt you are HIV positive and starting a new journey on ART, every journey has its own curves, bumps and rough patches ahead. The contents of this APP provide answers to most of the questions that you may have as you get on treatment.

It will help you anticipate barriers you may likely face during your treatment journey and help you start the process of planning to navigate such barriers and overcome the challenges.

You will find important information on where to find support and how you can plan and take control of your treatment journey. 

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Goals For Your First Six Months After HIV Diagnosis:

  • Goal 1: GET ON: Start ART Early
  • Goal 2: STAY ON: Disclose to someone you trust and find community support
  • Goal 3: STAY ON:  Adherence -Take your medicine in the right amount, the right time,as prescribed by your health care worker
  • Goal 4: STAY ON: Keep track of your clinic appointments and ARV pick ups
  • Goal 5: LIVE ON: ‘Know your Viral Load and if your HIV treatment is working through viral load monitoring

Features of the APP